Distressed Asset Sale Advisory

Distressed asset sale strategies include an assimilation of network of contacts, sales tools, and an accomplished history in escorting clients through the sales process and magnifying the net return to the clients. It provides an in-depth solution to maximize asset recovery.

We have a team of professionals having an expertise in handling and selling the distressed assets. We supervise the required activities on the asset, assemble the information and organize the data, connect to our contacts, and then collaborate with our legal and investment experts, so as to present the asset before a suitable group of potential buyers.

After thorough understanding, we advise our clients about the risks and benefits associated with the transactions. With this approach, we ascertain that our clients yield the maximum out of their sales strategies for a specific asset, on the basis of the prevalent market conditions and legal norms.

Our team of private equity advisory experts advises investors, portfolio and funds organizations on how to make their investments work across the complete transaction life cycle. Strong execution, adaptation and abilities help us conclude complicated and difficult transactions speedily and successfully.

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